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…hold my hand… October 14, 2008

Posted by liferiezkhalive in think.

i always remember the moment when someone held my hand

to walk
to across the street
to help me anything that i need

feel warm
feel secure




1. mOnKz - October 15, 2008

hmm…reminded me about the moment when he held my hand for the first time ^^

ayo riezkha,…terus menulis!!semangat!!

2. liferiezkhalive - October 15, 2008

actually when i write this…
i remember your photo at multiply when he held your hand soni…

so deep


3. Ali Akbar - October 15, 2008

to walk
accross the street

gak perlu to di baris kedua, malah salah 😀

4. liferiezkhalive - October 16, 2008

kan niatnya beda li

jalannya sendiri…
nyebrang jalannya juga sendiri…

hehe ^-^

ngeles mode: on

5. hopy - October 16, 2008

minta tolong polantas kalo mau nyebrang ya nak…

6. liferiezkhalive - October 16, 2008

iya om…
mkasi ya om dah dikasihtauin…



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