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…mommy… October 15, 2008

Posted by liferiezkhalive in 1.

happy b-day mom…

hope you always be under His sovereignity
hope you always be under His loving care

hope you always healthy…

hope you always happy…

hope you always cook for me…when i want my favourite food

hope you always there for me..when i need you to share my problem

hope you always with me untill my marriage…^o^

hope you always be my greatest mom

much love for you mom…




1. Kenyo - November 3, 2008

lah??? nadia vega kok pake jilbab?? hehehehe…mirip…

2. liferiezkhalive - November 3, 2008


wew…bru kali ini dibilangin mirip nadia vega..

dari mananya coba???


3. Rayyan Sugangga - November 7, 2008

Nadia Vega itu siapa ya ?

4. liferiezkhalive - November 7, 2008

^ms rayyan

adalah ms…
seorang artis ibu kota


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