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…my apologize… January 23, 2009

Posted by liferiezkhalive in think.

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

just that…
I can’t say anything than sorry…

I didn’t mean anything
and my friend didn’t mean anything too…

we’re just ask…
just ask…

maybe it’s all my fault
one of my weakness is I can’t communicate something on my mind very well…
maybe that’s because the way I talk…

I hope you will read this..
I just wanna say I’m sorry..
you just do a great job to take care all of us…

I’m sorry

keep up the good work…

ok, mate…




1. Rayyan Sugangga - January 23, 2009

Opo toh 😛

2. liferiezkhalive - January 23, 2009


opo toh opo tho ms rayyan?


3. akudesli - January 24, 2009

ya ampun… saya maafin mba yu..

lain kali jgn gitu lagi ya..

ahahaha.. 😛

gimana cuciannya?

4. liferiezkhalive - January 24, 2009


iya bu..
gak akan saya ulangi lagi bu…


jgn ngomongin cucian di sini…..

off the record..


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