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…another day… February 10, 2009

Posted by liferiezkhalive in think.
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should i talk to you?
should i tell you?
should i say?
should i?

like aoba said to akane about koh and herself  in cross game…

we’ve always had this kind of relationship

sometimes i hate you
sometimes i like you
sometimes i miss you
sometimes i’m so tired being around you

sometimes we laugh
sometimes we don’t talk each other

like koh said to aoba in cross game…

there are some things you miss by being too close

kgak tau gw nulis apaan…
cuman kepikiran aja waktu di jalan pulang…




1. akudesli - February 14, 2009

ini saya bangettttt…


cuma bisa ngomong itu!


2. liferiezkhalive - February 14, 2009

masa desh….

sama kita ya brartinya….


pokoknya lagi dua quote di atas banget dah sekarang…

please show me the way


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