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…really?… February 11, 2009

Posted by liferiezkhalive in think.
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my friend say to me

when you are so busy…you are so far away..

i think i feel kind of that right now…

another friend say to me

sometimes you just have to let it go…

but i don’t want to let it go…

and then..
it might hurt you




1. akudesli - February 14, 2009

just let it go, Miss..

jangan menggenggam pasir dalam tanganmu kuat-kuat..
karena pasir-pasir itu akan keluar lewat celah-celah jarimu…

jadi, when u have something to let go… just let it go..

I believe, God will replace ur lost with a great thing someday, but be patient, darling..


2. liferiezkhalive - February 14, 2009


let me think about let it go…
still hard to do that…

God please show me the way…


3. zou - February 21, 2009

What the..?!
Did I say smthn wrong..?becoz apparently I did..
Anyway,if I said smthn tht might be unwell 4 u, I do apologize..
Hey!I think ur blog is getting more better..!
Btw,how bout d ticket?Gud luck then..

4. liferiezkhalive - February 21, 2009

kgak zul….

you didn’t say anything wrong…
it’s all on me…
not in stabil mood…


semakin baguskah?
jadi malu

hope you enjoy it…

and i still waiting the good news about the ticket..


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