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…notes about night warrior… February 12, 2009

Posted by liferiezkhalive in books.
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abis blogwalking ke tempatnya icha
dia abis baca buku sitta karina yg putri hujan & ksatria malam….


i remembered the notes that i wrote after i read the book…

in the middle of the night

tooked from Plethe the Pirate, CY 3902

the last word

we all wear the twin mask of emotion
happy or sad..
haunted or hunted…
you choose the mask..
you choose the risk…
you choose your own poison

always hope that a man like diaz hanafiah is real
love the energy..
love the idealism…
always work hard to get what he want

do the best and GOD will do the rest




1. icha - February 12, 2009

aslm 😉

iya emang kak

i hope diaz hanafiah is real
kayaknya di februari ini
night warrior bkal sering hadir kak, hhe ;))
aku jg dpet inspirasi dr tmenku, kak ..

2. liferiezkhalive - February 14, 2009

waalaikumsalam icha…

kenapa cuman di februari ini night warriornya sering dateng?

i hope my night warrior come to me every night….


3. Marisa - February 15, 2009

bukan, maksudnya ituuu di blog bakal sering ada di blog bulan feb, banyak yang request icaa melankolis jadi aja gitu, hehe

4. liferiezkhalive - February 15, 2009

jadi bulan ini lagi melankolis thooo….

gapapa lah….


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