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…first encounter… August 5, 2011

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first photo of you

after all the “hibernation” in the blogging time
i just want to share the happiness

Alhamdulillah ya Rabb atas amanah yang Kau berikan kepada kami
*big smile*

*minta doa ke semuanya biar sehat wal’afiat*



…birthday month… August 26, 2010

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happy birthday my country
happy birthday my popeye
happy birthday my future angel

i’ll pray for all of you
every single day in my life…

all the best for you…
may Allah SWT bless you always…



…world cup fever… June 3, 2010

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(all pics source)

sebentar lagi bakal rajin begadang
kerjaan rada kelupaan
kalo jalan pun mata selalu tertuju ke toko tiga garis sambil menangis teriris


…january… January 21, 2010

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pass the one


thanks for sometimes messing up my mood
up and down like  riding a ferris wheel


the journey begin..
there are still two, five, ten, …

right mate!!